Charlie & Mahin Wilson

The R&B genre’s favorite love story may be the one that Charlie and Mahin Wilson share.  The husband and wife duo have been writing songs together since the year 2000 which have inspired such Charlie Wilson classics: “You Are,” “If I Believe,” and “My Love is All I Have.”

Charlie credits a large portion of his solo success to his wife, Mahin.  “When I decided to go solo from The GAP Band she helped me with my musical direction.  From there the songwriting together became natural.  She is always in the studio with me.”

Writing more than a dozen songs together over the last decade, the songs of Charlie and Mahin Wilson are unparalleled in the music industry.  The perfect touch of smooth vocals and melodies by Wilson topped with the tender touch of Mahin is the perfect equation this team uses to create hit R&B records.

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